Maza Loco

In full conviction that they arrived in Canada at the big
Cirque Du Soleil, two Russian acrobats start their act. When it turns out that they didn’t arrive at the provided destination,
it doesn’t look so positive for the two of them. But soon they start to
do everything they can to leave again. Leave again to there,
where they really want to go to. Canada!!!

Their export box which originally had to function as a mode of transport, gets quickly the function of a stage.

In the mean time they use their best, indeed poor, English to explain
the public what it’s all about.  In exchange for “money for new ticket” they show their best acrobatic skills. At the end of the performance it will become clear till where they can go.

If this will be a new ticket to Canada, is not sure yet.
Come and have a look before they travel on.

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