I start to like you

I start to like you” Is something rare, a journey trough absurdness, images which you don’t let go, sometimes a thorn in the eye where you do want to keep your focus on.

A daily life for two people in their daily world.
They don’t have any question where the audience has them.
Flirting with the balance on the edge of an abyss.
The precision of throwing and the fear off catching.
Without breath, hoping for oxygen and trying to postpone it as long as possible. To make the lifeless so alive and than the fall from an altitude which ends in a lonely beep tone.

All of this supported by a breathing that brings calm, quiet and strength to survive the absurd.
This is no theatre, this is the truth off the moment.
This is no illusion, this is the authenticity from the moment,
objects and technique.

This is “I start to like you”.

Concept and performing artists: Bert Loenders & Fréderique SnoeksCircus disciplines: Washington trapeze
Outside eye: Bauke Lievens, Rolf Alme
Costumes: Joëlle Batens - Duration: 12 minutes